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Cauliflower Nachos

Cauliflower Nachos I LOVE šŸ’— nachos! I use to think I lived on them the majority of time I went to college and after I had my first child.  I have slowed down on eating too much cheese or fried chips lately so nachos haven't been on my list to order or make in the last few years. That changed recently when I saw a simple recipe on line that called for cauliflower instead of chips and I had to try it.  I modified it to fit my taste.  Here is a sample of what I like. I may have it too hot for most people but you  can omit the  jalapeƱos  and use mild salsa.  Ingredients:  (serving size for one person) 1/2 head of cauliflower cut up Ingredients:  (serving size for one person) 1 fresh  jalapeƱos sliced 1/2 head of cauliflower cut up 4 habanera green chile natural chicken meatballs cut in half Use approximately 5 TBS of olive oil poured over cauliflower mixture I used lots of different spices, such as basil, salt, pepper, cumin, parsley, garlic and chili powder.