Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Cook? What is Blanching?

Are you a new cook and don't have a clue what some things mean?  Let me explain some basic information about blanching.

  • Blanching - sounds interesting but what does it really mean?  Well for starters it is used to cook food in boiling water very quickly and then you would dip the food in ice cold water (yes you can use ice cubes - it is highly recommended) immediately afterwards.  You would bring about 1 gallon to a boil for every 1 pound of vegetables unless they are leafy then you would double your water. This might be because you want some vegetables in your recipe that are still crispy but not totally raw....carrots in a salad would be just one example.  You might want to peel tomatoes without the hassle or even a peach.  You should always let the the produce cool for the same amount of time you boil it. 
We will discuss specific amounts of times in another article but first be familiar with the terms used.  It will making a new Cook a Pro in no time. 

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