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My morning cup of Joe!

Well, my morning Joe is actually my coffee....did you guess? 

I went shopping this weekend wishing I could find a stand a lone milk steamer that would not only look good on my kitchen counter but also compliment my Keurig machine. 

I found it!  Shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond I found the simple yet awesome CBTL (The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) one touch Milk Frothing and Heating System.  It looks like a small pitcher that sits on an electric base.  It is perfect for making that wonderful creamy steamed milk that only the perfect expert Barista can do!  It makes the milk so creamy you can slide your finger into the cream and it comes out looking and sticking like whipped cream.  I am not one to endorse appliances but I just have to give a shout out for this little device.  It has changed my morning black coffee into a more enjoyable treat! 

I love coconut, rice and almond milk but it really doesn't cream like cow's milk or half and half .  I have to limit certain high fat content so I have blended the coconut (rice or almond) milk with non fat milk and that has produced a creamy blend. 

I have a Keurig with a small, medium and large cup setting so I usually will use the small setting with my  K cups ( I prefer French Roast).  The CBTL takes about the same amount of time to cream as it does to quickly heat up the Keurip and make your cup of coffee.

You can add your syrups if you prefer or just skip that and mix the coffee with the steamed milk.  It is a treat either way. I think I may buy some caramel for a sweet topping to the cream.....just maybe.

And if you are interested in how sayings came to be like I am then you might enjoy reading this link that explains about how a "cup of Joe" came to be....



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