Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ice Cream Cone Cup Cakes

I like to try different things that are unique so when I saw on line an easy method for making cup cakes I thought I would give it a try.

It called for ice cream cones and cake mix.  Easy enough!  We went to the local store and bought a box of ice cream cones and ready to use cake mix.

We mixed the cake mix as directed and filled each cone, approximately 20 half full and baked at 325 degrees until done (about 20-25 minutes) or as directed on the box for  cupcakes.

The results were great at first.  When they have cooled down you can add toppings - either frosting, ice cream or whip cream and they make a great dessert or an awesome treat for a kid's party!

The only draw back is not to store any of the left over cake filled cones for later use.  They do get soggy when saved.  You can pop them in the oven for about ten minutes to crisp them back up somewhat but they are best used right away! Make only enough for the party that you are having.  Fresh is best for this idea!

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